MPC 2.0 or Man versus Maschine

Today, I’m gonna show you one of our latest toys in the studio – Native Instrument’s Maschine.

Maschine is a groove production instrument, which comes with its own controller. Native Instruments took a very popular hardware as inspiration. The famous Akai MPC. Below is a picture of the Maschine controller and a classic Akai MPC-60 and you’ll see what I mean 😉


Maschine comes with its own software. You can either use it as Plugin within your DAW or as  version. In the software you can choose your samples, settings, effects, edit you patterns etc. If you’re not so focused on working with software, just switch off your screen. You can see all the information you need on the controller with its display and the lighted buttons and pads. Every parameter can be controlled with the controller – no mouse needed – real Sampler EXPERIENCE!

Maschine is perfect for intuitive groove creation. The work flow is loop based, so you can add more and more elements to your groove and even quantize them without any pauses. Add effects to single elements or your whole beat without turning away from the controller.

For even more old school feeling, Maschine has an integrated step sequencer. Every pad stands for one beat in a 16 beat pattern. Creating beats has never been more fun and easier, especially for people with a very limited musical background.

The 6,2 GB sample library is a good basic for the first productions. Especially Hip Hop end electronic music producers with love the samples. Great quality, rich and a lot of stuff you’ve heard in todays hit records.

The Maschine controller can be used as MIDI controller, so you can use it for any other MIDI compatible software or Plugin.

If you’re into hardware and like that old school feeling, you should Maschine give a try. As bonus, here’s a little video of Maschine in the hands of an expert – it is NOT ME :)!


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