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This is a point I wanted to write about for a long time. The need of high quality production / imaging was always key to me, when taking over a freelance gig, station rebranding or working for our libraries here at benztown. After being back in Los Angeles for 2 weeks I am in between, again. The inner Andy fights a tough battle – speed and on the air NOW, best case for 5 stations in different formats at the same time vs. outstanding quality and unique strongly identifying sound.

After speaking with so many different guys during my trip I tend to feel most struggle to keep the output quality on the highest level and create all the work, which is needed. The reason is EASY, according to all of them: The workload is just TOO MUCH! That is a fact we wont be able to change, but maybe we can find ways to still do all what is required and climb the quality letter. How? Here is my suggestions (some are not reinventing the wheel, but still help):

Work in / with templates

• Learn all posibble short cuts in all possible DAWs

Use the DAW making the most sense for the specific project / task

• Work with shells you create or you download them from imaging services

• Recycle great projects

• Transfer creative writing ideas in various formats

• Have preselected sound banks and a well organized archive

• Hire an intern 🙂

• Challenge yourself to create the best craft possible every day and remember : if it would be easy, everybody could do it

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