Old school Voice FX reloaded or how to create custom…

More and more fancy plugINs with almost umlimited options and possibilities come our way and I am really happy about that, because I love using them a lot. My sessions are packed and I test whatever I can download as a demo. But there is also an unlimited rescource of great audio suite options and tricks we all used years ago or still using in particular situations. Since a few days, after opening an old session, I started to do a lot of audio suite layering and processing – again. And sure thing I played around with the audio suite tricks and added some Insert plugIns to the track. SO back to the good old days! Check out the screenshots and my detailed explanation of bpm related delay layering.

1. Reverse Reverb Layering 3.0

Copy the section of the audio track you want to highlight to your track below, reverse it, mark the file (plus additional air for a flyIn sound) and process a reverb to it. Use whatever preset or reverb plugIn you like (f.e. I like to use the True Verb a lot). Then reverse the file again and place the file exactly below your original file. Fade in the File for a flyIn feel. Now you can add a low cut filter EQ with 400 – 800Hz, the Mondo Mod (“Full Rotor Preset” or “Where Is It Preset” for Stereo Feel) or whatever you like as an Insert PlugIn to the track.


2. Pitch Layering 3.0

Copy the section of the audio track you want to highlight to your track below. Open up a Audio Suite Pitch PlugIn and play around (f.e. I love Pitch’n’Time and the straight way down or up), layer bother tracks and mix it proper. You can add a low cut fiter EQ, play around with the panning, use a SciFI, Flange or else to make it even more interesting and jump out of the speakers.


3. Delay Layering 3.0

Before Echoboy, EchoFarm and all the fancy Delay PlugIns I used the Long or Extra Long Delay from digidesign a lot or just copied my audio track or the section I wanted a delay on to the track(s) below. If you are in the Grid Mode, you can copy paste the file beatmatched and bpm related, which makes sense to me. Then I started playing around with filter EQs or else. A great trick for a stunning fade out is: Normalize the delay files to one file, mark almost the entire file, process a filter to it and then pull up the old track and do a crossfade, you will have wonderful and sweet delay fading out into the song or musicbed. Feel free to play aroudn with panning, f.e. use a left and a right panned track for ping pong sound (maybe insert different EQs or plugIns in each track), use Pitch audiosuite plugIns to go down or up with the delay or use an automization for the Insert plugINs you have choosed. I promise: You will love the custom results you can achieve with ease and use them like you use your delay presets in Echoboy and else. Play around, have fun and create your OWN CUSTOMIZED PRESETS.

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