Opening a Pro Tools session with all plugins deactivated

I guess, all of you know this: the more plugins you have in your session, the slower it gets and you need more time to open the session. If you want to check your session for a few audio files and don’t want to use all plugins from the beginning, there’s a little but effective trick for you.

Make sure, Pro Tools is already running. Now, choose the session you want to open, hold down shift and double click on the session. It will open with all plugins deactivated from the beginning.

This is a massive help, when you’re trying to open big sessions stuffed with a lot of plugins. If your Pro Tools crashed and has problems in one specific session, one or several plugins can be activated. You can still rescue or fix your session, when all plugins are deactivated. Now you can search for the plugin that causes all the mess or at least safe the audio.

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