26 February 2024

Benztown Introduces Industry First AI Listener Voice Generator

AI Listener Voice Generator Effectively Addresses Challenges That Stations Face in Collecting Listener Audio From the Public, Allowing Stations to Simulate “Listener” Audio for On-Air Use 


LOS ANGELES, CA- February 26, 2024Benztown, a global leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming, podcasting and jingles, announces that it has launched the AI Listener Voice Generator, a new audio production tool for radio stations of all formats and market sizes exclusively designed to simulate “listener” audio for on-air use. The first of its kind in the industry, Benztown’s AI Listener Voice Generator is a game-changing feature within the Benztown Imaging Libraries that enables library subscribers to simulate “listener” audio. The new technology effectively addresses the challenges that stations increasingly face in collecting listener audio from the public.


The AI Listener Voice Generator offers Text-to-Speech (TTS) capabilities, including Speech-to-Speech technology that accurately captures subtle variations in intonation. Users have access to multiple voice types and can easily adjust parameters such as speed and tone to customize the generated audio that best meets their specific needs.


Andreas Sannemann, Chief Executive Officer, Benztown, said: “We are excited to provide our library users with the most compelling listener material possible; the listener audio they actually need for every specific piece of production. Benztown’s AI Listener Voice Generator is another giant step forward in creating great-sounding radio with next-generation technology through AI-generated listeners on demand. The Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Speech capabilities of this new feature make an audio producer’s job easier and more efficient than ever – and it sounds incredible!”


Benztown’s AI Listener Voice Generator is now available for all formats on the Benztown Library Platform for broadcast radio stations only. For online stations that would like to utilize the AI Listener Audio feature, please contact Benztown for more information.

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