15 June 2023

Benztown Offers Stations 3 for Free 4th of July Imaging & Programming

– Benztown’s Free 4th of July Audiopack Brings the Sounds of Freedom and Fun to Stations of All Formats

– Free “Hot Mix 4th of July Party Starter” Special Keeps Hits Popping Like Fireworks


– “The Old School 500” 4th of July Special Counts Down the 500 Greatest Old School Hits and Tells the Stories Behind the Hits, From the People Who Made the Music


WHO: Benztown, a global leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming, podcasting and jingles, and its nationally syndicated radio programs, Hot Mix and Top 10 Now & Then. 


WHAT: Benztown offers three programming and imaging freebies to help radio stations and their listeners celebrate the 4th of July with great music and the festive sounds of everyone’s favorite patriotic summer holiday.

– First, stations of all formats can sign up for a free 4th of July Audiopack from Benztown, featuring the sounds of the season.


– Second, Hot Mix delivers its free music special, “Hot Mix 4th of July Party Starter,” featuring the hottest mix of today’s biggest hits. The Hot Mix special will be available in Top 40, Rhythmic, and “2K To Today” format versions.


– And third, Top 10 Now & Then offers its 45-hour music special, “The Old School 500,” that counts down the 500 greatest Old School hits. Tabulated nationwide from Rhythmic Oldies and Adult Urban radio station playlists, “The Old School 500” is more than a countdown – it tells the stories behind the hits, from the people who made the music, spotlighting 450 interviews in 45 hours of great radio. “The Old School 500” can slide easily into a station’s programming schedule with 14 minutes per hour for local spots and promos.


WHEN: Available now through Friday, June 29, 2023.


HOW: For more information or to get the Benztown 4th of July Audiopack, the Hot Mix “4th of July Party Starter”, and/or Top 10 Now & Then’s “The Old School 500” 4th of July Weekend countdown special for your station, visit: contact Masa Patterson at [email protected] or at 818.842.4600.


WHY: To turn up the sounds of your listeners’ 4th of July celebrations with more of the best music, memories, and fun!

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