21 August 2023

Matt Pinfield Talks to KROQ’s Megan Holiday on new SSS Podcast

LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 21, 2023 – Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks announces that it has released the latest episode of the Sound, Sobriety & Success podcast, hosted by Rock journalist Matt Pinfield and featuring his close friend and special guest, megawatt L.A. Rock radio personality Megan Holiday. Holiday is an L.A. radio superstar and can be heard on-air weekdays from 2:00-6:00pm on the world-famous KROQ.


In the new episode, Holiday discusses her journey from her hometown of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, to her early days in radio in San Francisco, to becoming one of the most well-known Rock radio personalities in the U.S. at the legendary KROQ. She also shares the stories along the way of her recovery from addiction to drugs. Listen to Sound, Sobriety & Success now:


In this episode, Holiday tells Pinfield and his podcast audience about:
How her hard partying early days in radio escalated into a serious and life-threatening drug addiction that culminated in a bad car wreck and getting fired.
What it was like to fall from a high-profile media career to being homeless and living on friends’ couches when her addiction took over.
– Working at a Sonoma winery.
– How she got a second chance at a successful entertainment career and a happier, healthier life after being sidelined with addiction.
– What rehab and Sober Living were like for her and how the death of a friend led her to seek help.
– What she’s learned from hosting her podcast, 7 Words, where she discusses how guests like Emile Hirsch, Margaret Cho, Brandon Jenner, and more manifested their dreams into reality.
– Being of service and starting a new nonprofit, Life of the Party, which helps battle addiction and prevent overdose deaths.
– Advocating for mental health and trying to be a positive influence.
– The many different ways to be healthy, including hypnotherapy, and how everyone must find their own balance.
And more!


This episode is sponsored by The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers – one of the oldest residential drug and alcohol rehab programs. ARC is a non-profit and was hit hard financially as a result of COVID. For more information, and to donate or sign up for their quarterly newsletter, visit
Pinfield, a former MTV host currently heard on hundreds of radio stations across the country as host of Westwood One’s Rock radio show, “Flashback” – has been a fixture in the music scene for three decades and has been on the road to recovery along the way, with a little help from his friends. In his inspiring podcast Sound, Sobriety & Success, Pinfield is vocal about his sobriety journey, and talks to people from all walks of life who have hit rock bottom and are finding their way back from addiction.


September is Sobriety Awareness Month. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, MusiCares operates a Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Program that recognizes those issues unique to music professionals at any stage of their career, offering eligible individuals financial assistance and resources for psychotherapy, coaching, and psychiatric expenses, inpatient and outpatient treatment, detox and sober living costs.


For more information, contact Susan Aksu, Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks, [email protected], 818.842.4600.


About Megan Holiday
Megan Holiday, Afternoon On-Air Personality for Audacy’s legendary L.A. Rock radio station, has been obsessed with music for as long as she can remember, and her record collection varies from Motown and The Beatles to Nirvana and Post Malone. She loved singing lessons and acting in musicals as a kid which later translated to emo hair and sweaty pop punk shows in high school. Megan always had a love affair with listening to radio and it was when she first attended a local radio summer concert in college that she realized she could harness that passion into a career. Just two years later, she made that dream a full-circle reality and began her first on-air gig. From the first moment Megan cracked the microphone she knew that broadcasting was her calling in life. It was the element of getting to connect with people that drew her in the most. After all of these years, her passion and love for radio grows stronger every day.


In addition to her on-air responsibilities, Megan has hosted live concerts and events. She’s also interviewed globally recognized talents including Coldplay, Beck, Jack White, and Panic! at the Disco. She also expanded her skillset into podcasting with her “7 Words” podcast, where she discusses how guests like Emile Hirsch, Margaret Cho, Brandon Jenner, and more manifested their dreams into reality.


With many years of sobriety under her belt, Megan focuses on her recovery as a top priority and is an advocate for addiction and mental health awareness. She also loves spending time with her family and her dog Juno, being involved in community service, horseback riding, and attends as many concerts as humanly possible. Ultimately, Megan believes that if she has made one person smile, whether it’s during their commute or at an event, she has done her job.


About Matt Pinfield
Matt Pinfield is an American television and radio host, disc jockey, and music executive. Starting in the early 1980s, he began working as both a radio and club DJ in the New Jersey alternative rock scene, working at WHTG-FM when the station first began broadcasting alternative rock in 1984. He later became music director at the station and won several awards before MTV hired him as a VJ to host their long-running late-night alternative music show in 1995. Pinfield went on to host a number of other shows on the MTV family of networks, including MTV, MTV2, and VH1. He later served as Vice President of A&R and Artist Development for Columbia Records from 2001 to 2006 and has since worked as a DJ, television, and radio host for a number of broadcast and satellite radio stations and television networks. Most recently, Matt was honored as Global Rock Summit’s International Rock Icon of the Year for his work across radio, TV, satellite/digital media, print, and various other pop-cultural platforms. After a career in which he has interviewed over 1000 artists including some of the most prominent names in alternative, rock and other music genres, from the likes of Nirvana, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, U2, Coldplay, Jay-Z, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, and the Foo Fighters (to name just a few) he’s turning his focus towards people from all walks of life who have struggled with or helped others recover from addiction.

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