16 October 2014


OCTOBER 16, 2014, BURBANK, CA— Benztown announces that it has added prominent voiceover professional Sean Caldwell to its portfolio of premium quality voiceover personalities and is offering his VO services to stations for barter. Caldwell currently serves over 100 radio stations with world-class professional voiceover products. He is passionate about quickly providing clients with great sounding promos and imaging that cuts through and resonates with listeners of all formats and in all market sizes. Caldwell teams up with industry-leading radio imaging, production library, programming, jingles and voiceover services company Benztown, which provides custom voiceover and imaging services across all formats, including commercial voiceover and copywriting services.

Justin Case, Director of Programming and Imaging for Benztown, said: “I geeked out a bit when Sean said yes– How could you not want him on your roster?! In all seriousness, we couldn’t be happier to welcome Sean to the Benztown Brigade. He is a phenomenal talent heard all over the world and making him available for barter is something that we are very proud to offer.”

Caldwell said: “Stations love working with top professional voiceover talent. GMs love it when they can access that top talent for barter that doesn’t beat up their budget. Benztown gives stations both, which is why stations love working with Benztown. I’m excited to be a part of that equation for success and I look forward to working with stations of all formats and markets.”

Caldwell started his radio career in Detroit while in high school, working in the production department and as an on-air talent on the weekends, and spent years learning from some top talent in the Midwest, including Rick Gillette at WHYT, a master of creative copywriting, imaging and production. Sean departed Detroit and went east to become the Creative Director for WEGX Eagle 106 Philadelphia. Brian Philips, John Lander, Spyder Harrison, Danny Bonaduce and other industry leaders gave Sean keen insight into what makes a successful radio station stand out and be memorable between the songs. Eagle also provided an opportunity to work with some accomplished programmers and talent on the East Coast. It was also the start of Sean’s voiceover career. WIOG Saginaw was client number one, followed soon after by Z104 in Madison.

Sean departed Eagle in 1993 to become the imaging director and afternoon drive jock at Y100 WPLY Philadelphia, working with Eric Johnson and Garrett Michaels. During this time, Sean’s voiceover business grew from a handful of clients to dozens of clients. Sean relocated to the Tampa, Florida area and began serving clients from his own studio. He quickly became one of the most desired imaging voice talents, serving leading stations including: 102.7 KIIS-FM Los Angeles, WKTU New York, WXTU Philadelphia, KISS-FM Dallas, 98 WSIX Nashville, KYW Philadelphia, B96 Chicago, WKIS Kiss Country Miami, KIOI San Francisco, Q100 Atlanta, and many others. He also formed “Same Day Promos,” providing stations access to some of the top producers for fully produced imaging using their own voice talent.

For more information about booking Sean Caldwell for barter, visit:, or contact Masa Patterson at [email protected] and at (818) 842-4600.

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