12 October 2020

Benztown Brings Smash Prep to American Radio, as Exclusive Distribution Partner in the U.S.

Smashprep GRAPHIC

Next-Gen Music Prep Service Makes Stations and Jocks Sound Better and More Authoritative, Delivering Hyper-Focused Real-Time Artist News, Information, and Social Feeds On One Screen In An Instant 


Benztown has partnered with Smash Prep as the next generation music prep service’s exclusive distribution partner in the US. Smash Prep gives on-air talent something new to say about every artist and band they play, taking music authority and music selling to the next level. In real-time, Smash Prep aggregates all digital media, news, and information related to artists, and delivers to radio stations instant access to every social feed, every news story, and every platform – at a glance and all on one dashboard. Smash Prep was developed by international radio consultant Francis Currie, along with legendary UK announcer Bam Bam. Smash Prep is available through Benztown for barter or cash.


Masa Patterson, Vice President, Sales & Operations, Benztown, said: “We are absolutely pumped to bring Smash Prep to U.S. radio – and to give stations easy access to real-time news, information and social feeds of every artist they play, from tour dates to song facts and latest social posts, all on one screen. Smash Prep is a godsend to on-air talent, giving them something fresh and new to say about every artist they play and making it a breeze to sell the music and provide the latest music news their listeners crave.”


Francis Currie, Partner, Smash Prep, said: “We are delighted to be working with the gang at Benztown to bring Smash Prep to the U.S. Smash Prep is a unique music prep service that helps announcers sound great every time they are on the air. With all major formats covered, it’ll save announcers time and effort, and help them sound even better on the air.”


For more information and to get Smash Prep for your station, visit: or contact Masa Patterson at [email protected] or (818) 842-4600.

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