15 May 2024

SPECai Signs Adams Radio Group and Southern Stone Communications

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SPECai, a 2024 NAB Show Radio World “Best in Show Award” Winner, Signs Adams Radio Group and Southern Stone Communications as Newest Clients


SPECai Enables Radio Account Execs to Use AI to Create Compelling Spec Spots in Seconds


LOS ANGELES, CA – May 15, 2024 – ENCO Systems, Inc., Benztown, and Compass Media Networks announce that they have entered into agreements with Adams Radio Group and Southern Stone Communications to bring their SPECai product to select markets across the U.S.


SPECai uses advanced AI technology to generate fully produced spec spots in English and Spanish, including regional accents. Last month, SPECai was honored with Radio World’s “Best in Show Award” at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas.


Chip Thomas, Vice President of Sales, and General Manager, Southern Stone Communications in Jackson, TN, said: “I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly our sellers could create a great sounding commercial, with no help from production, and use it to help close new business. I would highly recommend this product for any sales team looking for creative ways to close more business.”


Southern Stone Communications has integrated SPECai in four markets, including Jackson, TN; Valdosta, GA; Daytona Beach, FL; and Huntsville, AL.

Jennifer Figg, Vice President/Market Manager, Adams Radio Group, Northern Indiana, said: “SPECai is absolutely transformative. I was amazed by the blend of technology and creativity. Within minutes, our sellers are able to create top-notch spec spots. The interface is easy and intuitive, saving us time and making the production process more efficient. Each spot is crafted with a professional touch. We only just started and have already closed new business.”


Adams Radio Group has embraced SPECai across multiple markets, including Tallahassee, FL; Las Cruces, NM; Valparaiso, IN; and Ft. Wayne, IN.


Southern Stone Communications and Adams Radio Group join a growing list of radio groups that have benefited from becoming SPECai clients, including inaugural customer Connoisseur Media, Summit Media, Magnum Communications, Bennett Radio Group, Black Diamond Broadcasting, Local Media San Diego, and Yavapai Broadcasting, among others.


To experience SPECai firsthand, contact Nancy Abramson at for a demo.


For more information about SPECai, visit:

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