Pro Tools 11 with offline bounce — The start of…

Bouncing To Disk

Hi guys, it’s Andy.

Finally, after years of waiting, the dream of a lot of Pro Tools users comes true with Pro Tools 11 – Offline bounce! I know we are a bit late on that topic, as various blogs posted stuff over this within the last week, f.e. my friend from Oz, Daryl… But we discussed that here internally and I was impressed by the passion of our staff considering this topic, so we decided to put it on.

Most other DAWs already had this feature before, while Pro Tools users were forced to bounce out in real-time.

This seems like the next step, every Pro Tools user was looking for, but will this be a step in the right direction? Will this new feature make us work faster and also better? A lot of Pro Tools users I know, already switched to the print track technique and don’t bounce at all (check out how print track bouncing works).

So is this new feature really a dream come true and if yes, for who? Or is it dangerous to guys like me for which bouncing has always been the last quality control before sending out to clients, loading to Benztown, etc?

What do you think?

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