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Pensado Comment

While I was looking through mixing legend Dave Pensado’s Production Channel, I stumbled over a very interesting comment. Read it below:

‘THERE ISN’T A SINGLE PIECE OF ANALOG GEAR THAT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT. PERIOD. Taste and talent will always be more important than gear. If you suck, it’s not because you don’t have analog gear, it’s because you suck.

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He’s teaching us that no gear can replace talent and creativity. There are a lot of producers out there, who can create magic with less tools, but more passion and creativity. Like my friend Chris Davis, who needed nothing else than Pro Tools and an evening with his wife to create this awesome piece for Turbulence.

A valuable lesson for us all, but what’s that with the first part? Some big words from one of the long-experienced pros in the game. Really, no analog gear? But what’s all about the good experiences we share with our favorite gear? That special sound, only analog gear can create? Has analog gear become an object of prestige only? There are a lot of great vintage emulation plugins out there, but can they really be the same as the original?

I would love to hear your thoughts. If you are using analog gear, could you really let go of it? Would you replace your gear with plugins to be more comfortable and flexible? Can plugins really replace gear?

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