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After checking Wikipedia for Radio Imaging, I was pretty shocked to find that there was nothing listed. Well, the time had come for us to do something about that, so we took it upon ourselves to define Radio Imaging once and for all, and make it OFFICIAL by getting it on Wikipedia.

Not only is Radio Imaging our collective passion, our life’s work and our livelihood, its role in creating and driving the success of many of the world’s most popular and distinctive entertainment brands grows in importance and impact with every day that passes. Radio listeners in markets around the world choose to engage with the stations and content we brand and market—and that’s in no small part due to the exciting and captivating Radio imaging created by our industry’s blazingly talented and committed Radio imaging professionals. These listeners and fans respond to our work with their time listening and their active engagement with our station brands through our websites, events, promotions, community initiatives and more. This translates into ratings for our stations and larger-than-life brands with great content that enhances and is integrated into the moments of listeners’ daily lives.  And that, in turn, translates into dollars for our stations’ advertisers and for our stations themselves.  Radio imaging is not just the icing on the cake of radio programming—it is the beginning, middle and end of the product that we create for listeners. It shapes how Radio is perceived and whether people tune in or tune out.

Now we’re asking YOU – professional Radio Imagers – to contribute as a community to our Wikipedia article on Radio Imaging. Together, we can ensure that Radio’s secret weapon is no longer classified information, but shared with the world. Please join forces with the Benztown Brigade to stamp out ignorance and disinformation when it comes to our vital profession, Radio Imaging.

Add something if you think we missed it, correct something if you think it’s wrong, link to more references, or define terms within the article by creating new articles!

Can you tell us more imaging/production-related articles that are missing?

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