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Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Here’s a quick trick on how to recreate the crazy plugin combo from your latest session, how to get your coworker’s VO tracks with the complete processing chain or how to transfer some previous synth settings with its MIDI files, just in a few seconds. Today, I’m going you to show, how to import whole tracks with its unique settings, routing and inserts.

Import Session Data

Click File–>Import–>Session Data or use the shortcut ‘⌥+⌘+I’ to import data from other sessions. Check how the rest is done and how you can benefit from this feature.

Now, it’s time to choose the session you want to import data from. If you clicked the session, you’ll see the window below.

In this example, I’m importing various VO tracks and the according Aux track with the processing chain for our VO talent Harry from another session. The window in the upper left is giving you info on the source session. To make sure you won’t lose any data later, choose ‘Copy from source media’ below ‘Audio Media Options’.

Below you can choose from all the tracks in the source session, which ones you want to copy into your own session. The tracks, I’ve chosen are in blue.

Import Session Data Window

Below the track selection is a drop down menu next to ‘Track Data to Import’, where you can choose which track data you want to import and which not. You can almost import all data, settings and configurations from another session into your existing session. After selecting, just press OK to complete.

Below you can see the imported tracks in my session. The marked ones are imported and as you can see, all plugins are right there with the original settings from that previous session and all volume settings, automation settings and routing settings and much more are imported with the tracks. Especially, when you’re importing sessions from other persons, some of the I/O settings of your session and the imported tracks from the other session might not fit together, so double-check if you’re not double using some inserts after the import.

Imported Tracks

This is way more comfortable than creating all the tracks, plugin settings and routing settings by yourself.

Pro Tools musicians will also like this feature, when it comes to import whole instrument settings with the according MIDI files. Just choose the instrument track like the VO tracks before and import it into the current session. Below you can see the result.

Imported Instrument Tracks

Importing whole synth lines with the according instrument settings in seconds. A great feature for remixers!

Extend your own session with setting or templates from your own previous sessions or someone else’s without giving up your current session.

Cheers and have a great day.

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