Roadmap to great Production or who does it right!

This headline is more like a personal standpoint and not a “everybody has to commit to my opinion” headline. Many subscribers asked me what do you guys listen to for inspiration when you create Imaging, Jingles or Music for your services.

I was like, cool, thats an easy question and now I needed two days to figure out exactly who we listen to and why. There are various scources of inspiration. I want to point out 2 in this post.

1. Music:I try to listen as much as I can to music, no mater what genre. Each deacade and music style has its own methods in production and techniques and so it is really fun to dig in the music. So the advise is, listen like a producer! There is tons of great stuff and great production out there – get a feel, try to emulate their vocal sound, listen carefully to the mix and the mastering, their edits or use the effects on your vocals or radio vocie over.

Artists to check out (dont be shocked, I didnt say I like them all):

N.E.R.D. or anything Pharrell is doing (really great beats, base lines, ideas and always trend setting)

Linkin Park –  awesome vocal effects, great breaks and musical editing

Kanye (producing an entire album with one technical resource and going multi platinum – limitation can work, if you use the right gear – Roland 808)

BT still has the world record in vocal and muscial edits and effects in one song

Britney Spears “Circus” – crystal clear powerful vocal sound, effects and filters on her vocals

30 Seconds to Mars – innovative arrangements and mixing

B.E.P. – always new ideas and styles. Great vocal effects, nice edits and stutters.

Rick Rubin (producer of the Beasty Boys, Jay-Z’s 99 Problems….)

Mousse T (german house producer)

and for sure the one and only Timbaland (give me beats, beats, beats….)

2. Radiostations: I listen to a ton of stations and it is tough for me to go check this out or listen to that specfic station, because we have so many subscribers who work in different formats, but if I had to set up a list with my personal taste, this would be the list. The  production of this stations stands out theses days or stood out to me in the past. (Please not this is not a ranking and I would love to hear your proposals)

1. Triple M (Sydney)

2. The Fox (Melbourne)

3. Capital Radio (London)

4. XFM (London)

5. Z100 (NYC)

6. KISS FM (Los Angeles)

7. NRJ France (Paris)

8. 2 DayFM (Sydney)

9. FM 4 (Austria)

10. Virus (Switzerland)

11. KROQ (Los Angeles)

11. Hot 97 (NYC)

12. Power 105.1 (NYC)

12. Oe 3 (Austria)

13. KSCS (Dallas)

14.  and many many more

If you are interested in getting close to the sound of one of these stations read my post how to do get close to the sound of an Imaging legend.

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