Single Send or Assignment, know the difference – Changing Send…

Most of you guys will be familiar with that view, it’s the Mix window in Pro Tools, where you can see all your Audio, MIDI, AUX tracks and Master plus all inserts and sends.

In this example two stereo buses are sent to two stereo AUX tracks. You get this info by having a look at ‘SENDS A-E’. To get more info about the send track, you have to click the send and the accordant track will appear as single track in your mix window.

But there are a few tricks to get detailed send info into the mix window without send tracks popping up. Read more and see how it works.

The mix window above gives you info about the assignment of your sends. With one view you get the info ‘Bus 1, is routed to AUX 1, Bus 2 is routed to…’

To get more info about the single sends, there are two ways: either click the bus in the Mix window and the according send track will appear or you can switch to single send view.

Single send view gives you info about single send tracks right in your mix window. By clicking View –> Sends A-E (or Sends F-J), you can see ‘Assignments’ and all single sends.

Assignments shows the current view. By clicking on one of the single sends, this send will be displayed in the Mix window.

This view gives you info about single sends without having the send tracks popping up in your window. This comes in very handy, when you’re working on a big VO session with multiple voices and a lot of AUX tracks. Send two VOs to one AUX track with effects and control the volume of the sends right in the Mix window.

There are more ways to switch between send views:

One way is to hold down ⌘ while clicking the little arrow next to the left of the single send, another one is to right-click the arrow. Now, you can switch easily through the send views.

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