Sound Designers, here’s your new toy! Hands on NI Skanner

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

While I was sampling some of my software instruments on the lookout for new sounds for possible FX and Drones, I stumbled over this little fun tool, I almost forgot about – Native Instruments’ Skanner.

Skanner was released for free a while ago and is now back as Skanner XT, an updated version with more sounds and features.

Calling Skanner just a software synth would be a bit understated, because it’s much more. I would call it a creative weapon for sound designers. Check out why and what it sounds like.

Load one of Skanner’s integrated samples or one of your own and play a note. Skanner is scanning the waveform and depending on the position and the movement within the waveform, you’ll get pretty decent sounds.

Skanner’s unique and easy to use morphing system is the coolest feature. Hold a note and press one of the eight morphing settings. You’ll see the cursor rush from one position within the waveform to another, while it’s constantly moving.

Advaned users will like the second operator interface, which gives you free control over all parameters and even the option to automize them.

Whenever I get stuck while creating Drones or FX, I just open Skanner, play around and end up with plenty of cool samples which never are the same as the ones from the last Skanner session.

I was playing around a bit and here are some sound examples.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

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Cheers and have a great weekend.

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