Suit the occasion or more than just serving your format…

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

When it comes to imaging and work parts we just want to go that one step further at Benztown. That’s why we’re always try to create special musical and soudn design elements when it comes to certain topics. Our goal is to make the topic sound like the specific format. But how to get the feeling of occasions like Daylight Savings or St. Patrick’s Day in CHR radio, how to transport an occasion mucically into modern CHR or any other format environment? Thats a day to day question and task for almost any Imaging Director. Create topical workparts, choose specific VO talent, FX whatever…try think how dub step or trap would sound mashed up with bagpipes…I say it sounds fun!

– Well, here are our approaches to the topics Daylight Savings, Football, Halloween, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day for CHR. Check out some pieces of myself and Oli Schneider, a very talented uprising composer and producer (yeah, another musical talented Oli at Benztown. What a coincidence ;))

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