Survey: EQ, before or after compression? A question, that devides…

When I was skimming through the latest issue of Music Tech Magazine, I stumbled over an old question I have been asked a thousand times while doing personal trainings with imaging guys, sound designers or webinars. EQ, before or after compression? It’s a tricky question, which is dividing the production community since years. Everyone got his own opinion. Here at Benztown, we never use compression before EQing, but over the years, I’ve seen many producers, with quiet big names in the industry, who use the EQ after compression and they swear that’s the only way to do it. Others do both, EQ, then compressor, then a second EQ. I think it is personal taste and depends strongly on the goal you want to achive.

So here’s my question for you guys: How do you do it? Which way do you EQ and compress your audio (f.e. your VO)?

Vote in the poll below or tell of your experiences with compression and EQing in the comments.
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