Survey: The greatest FX packages in the world and how…

crash, boom, bang, zip zap, crrrrrrrrkkkkkk, swoosh….

At the moment our team is discussing an upcoming project back and forth. Oli and I dream about creating the most powerful FX package in the world. We already started working on it in the last years but dont know if the massive amount of time creating that package would be worth to finalize. That been said there is a few question that might help us to finally compilate and produce the package. How to get yourself an exclusive prelistening in 3 minutes? Just answer the 5 questions below!

1. What is your favourite FX package until now and why (Alien Imaging, Killer Hertz, Noise, Megabytes, etc.)?

2. What is your favourite delivering media and audio quality?

3. What would be a realistic prize for a 200+ cut FX package?

4. What category of fx do you prefer or you want all of them (hits, wipes, combos, drum loops, drones….)?

5. What packages did you buy last year?

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