Sweeping with Andre – Do It Yourself Sweeps and Fly-Ins…

Hi guys it’s Andre,

Here’s a quick one on how to create sweeps and Fly-Ins.

A customer was looking for a certain sweeping sound. After searching and sending him various sweeps and Fly-Ins, he still wasn’t happy. ‘Do it with more sine sound.’, that’s what he said.

The solution was easy, but exactly what he wanted. By only using the Signal Generator and another plugin, I managed to create the ideal sweep. Our customer was happy and the day was saved, once again 😉

Check how to create Fly-Ins and Sweeps only with the Signal and some other plugins fast and simple.

The magic word is pitching. Create a static sine tone for example and then pitch it over the full length from 0 to the highest value. By experimenting with various frequencies and pitch curves, you’ll get some cool effects.

Check out a few examples on pitching various waveforms and synths and adding some extras like phase effects, tremolo effect and ring modulation. Have fun and stay creative.

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Cheers and have a nice weekend.

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