Take action for a great 2012 and a healthier life!

Hi guys,

this time it’s getting a bit more personal. Benztown Imaging Director and VO talent Harry Legg thinks a lot about people in the industry and their sometimes unhealthy environment. He shared the following thoughts with me to post it here. Check Harry’s tips and tricks to avoid the unhealthy working life, especially in radio. Enter Harry.

“Normally this space is used to share cool production tips and techniques or great plug-ins and outboard gear, but I feel compelled to share something far more important right now.

Do you suffer from radio guy syndrome? Are you sedentary, overweight, lethargic and/or out of shape because you toil for long hours in a studio all day long? We are in a business, that does not lend itself to taking care of ourselves. What good is that paycheck if we won’t be around as long as we should to enjoy life with our spouses, children, family and friends? What good is it if we are in poor health and can’t do common things such as fit in that roller coaster seat, pick-up (and use) a golf club or tennis racket? I don’t wish to be preachy, it’s just that I have battled weight gain and a lack of physicality – and I see it so frequently among many of my radio cohorts that I felt this was a good time to give a gentle reminder that we must take care of ourselves. Even if you’re trim, are you flexible? How is your endurance? Agility? Balance? We must all do something physical – it doesn’t really matter what it is…weight training, swimming, tennis, yoga, martial arts. I can personally attest that after several years of continuous martial arts training, I am a different person. I still have challenges, but I am far better off physically and mentally than my days of sitting behind the mic/Pro Tools then going home to beer and wings! This now means that I am a stronger person for my family and I am stronger in the solidity of my own business. Being in good physical shape promotes a good mental state – it can help with anxiety, depression, creativity and overall well-being.

Here’s something else to consider…your employability. With so many radio people unemployed or underemployed…maybe unhappily employed, how do you think a prospective employer is going to view you if you give the appearance of being unhealthy and out of shape? People can read your energy – including your current employer. Do yourself a favor and overcome whatever it is that is preventing you from taking action. If you have a bum knee or bum shoulder – guess what? There’s always something you can still do to physically improve yourself. Get over your fear. Make no excuses. Here’s to a healthier 2012 and a truly long, healthy life!”

Thanks to Harry for sharing his thoughts with us.

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