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Flange like a Butterfly. Stutter like a Bee. #IronImager Dan Kelly

It is the 4th anniversary of our Iron Imager contest and this guy is still the reigning champion. On April 23, during the WWRS Dan will be back in LA to defend his belt against YOU! Are you ready? Get all the background info here: benztown.com/IronImager

Are you excited to be back in LA?
It’ll be amazing to be back in LA….I’ve only been there a few times and it’s so different than the NY area…And if you’ve seen anything about the damn winter we’ve had in the Northeast…Get me OUTTA here! Sunshine and 80 degrees here I come! Seeing the Benztown crew is always great…and the Radio Summit is pretty cool. I wind up seeing a bunch of people I know and it’s great to see everybody.


This is your third trip to the Iron Imager Final Round. What does it feel like when you’re sitting in the ‘hot seat?’
When we’re ready to go it’s a pretty exciting moment. I mean hey…Runners go run their fastest….Chefs try and cook their best…..We try and make the best imaging piece we can with the parts we’re given in 1 hour. It’s not exactly how most of us work…Usually we’ve written the promo and we’re used to the voice, the station format, the pieces we’ll use. Here it’s all a surprise, but a fun one! And then when we’re furiously editing, people watch us like we’re in a fish tank while other things are going on in the room. It’s pretty cool.

What is your trick to create an awesome imaging piece in such a short amount of time?
I don’t think I have a trick. I just HURRY. Trim the voice and think it out…Then just go for it and move as fast as you can. You probably wouldn’t want to work like this at your job, but it’s fun for this! It puts your skills to the test. How fast can you find the right bed, the right effect, etc.

Your message for the new contender?
To whoever the new contender is…my message is – I VILL BREAK YOU. Ok, kidding. I just saw Rocky IV on cable tonight. I’d just say have fun with it. Make sure your laptop is working…Do what you normally do and just work fast. No matter what happens, it’s fun. Enjoy the time in LA..Hit up Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles….Get some sun….and just enjoy it!

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