Test your VO Chain or the Experience of Development!

Last week I had a quiet challenging experience while rebuilding my master template session. I was curious about how some new plugs would work on my VO settings for Harry, who is our male CHR Voice on benztown branding. I got stuck for almost three hours, because I had the feeling some of the new stuff sounded better and richer, so I compared, changed and tweaked the settings. This was hard for me personal, because I woked over weeks on Harry’s settings, when starting the CHR with him. Throwing that over board was not easy, but at the end I am happy with the decision, because I experienced my own development and willing to improve.

So this is the easiest experiment ever, but one of the most challenging and effective. You will experience personal development and your VO will sound even better afterwards. I promise. Try it, NOW. Hope you don’t get caught up.

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