radio station

Please, I would like one Oli and one Andy for every radio station in the world! Working with Benztown is so simple - like ordering a beer and a burger. Everybody can do a jingle! But if you want somebody who will understand your needs, who will read and even upgrade your brief, spend hours on meetings to really feel the station's needs and somebody who will say "NO" when it’s needed, then you have to work with the Benztown, guys. We knew the guys from before, so we knew that we will get a great jingle package - but the final result is above that! Radio 1 now sounds fresher than ever! Thank you guys for helping us to make the Radio 1 brand in Slovenia even bigger and stronger! Thank you guys, we really sound great!  

Nejc Tisu

Creative Director & Brand Manager , Radio 1 - Slovenia

radio station

Thanks so much for the incredible job done on my Pure Oldies imaging. I know the holidays are here and you all are working like crazy – but it’s just off the charts! Terrific work and it’s going to sound so good on the air. You just blew me away. Awesome.
I appreciate all the hard work and please pass on to your team! Wish everyone a happy holiday!


Program Director , Pure Oldies 106.5 & 99.1

radio station

"All the Benztown stuff is great. It keeps everything fresh."


Director of Programming , WUKZ-1010AM/KZ 101.1

radio station

"Benztown is HANDS DOWN one of the best libraries I have heard. Great music + Benztown imaging = RATINGS!"


VP/Top 40 Programming , CBS Radio

radio station

"There are so many offerings there! It’s almost overwhelming. For the guy who has no time to build material, what a life-saver!"


Program Director , K-Earth 101 & 94.7 The Wave – Los Angeles, CA

radio station

"We use Brandon Bell and Charese Fruge on Great Country 101.9. What a difference! The decision to use Benztown was an easy one. My Assistant PD/Imaging Director, Chris Carson, and I had been searching for better imaging; turns out that Benztown is the best. We haven’t found anything that even comes close. And Brandon and Charese are dynamite!"


Brand Manager , Great Country 101.9 & WDEZ.com Wausau – Stevens Point, WI, USA

radio station

"If your imaging isn’t moving at the speed of the news, then you’re falling behind. With Benztown, your imaging will put you ahead of what your audience is talking about."


Program Director , WIND Radio – Chicago, IL, USA

radio station

"We just signed with Benztown and already I am incredibly impressed with everything on the site. We use it for Imaging and Production – everything is high quality and ready to go for the new PPM world that we are facing. I am most happy with the personal help I’ve been getting from everybody at Benztown, including the help of Chachi and Andy, Harry and everybody else. So far just a great experience and we cant wait to work with Benztown for years and years to come."


Program Director , Mega 104.3 – Phoenix, AZ, USA

radio station

"Tom Pagnotti…THE voice Mix 94.1fm has been looking for! Great presence, makes our sound complete. I’ve had a number listeners say, ‘Who’s the new guy? Great voice.’ When was the last time a listener commented on your voice guy?"


Program Director , Mix 94.1 fm | WFTN FM – Franklin, NH, USA

radio station

"We recently switched to Benztown Branding and currently use Chuck Matthews for imaging on WREO. Not only is Chuck a fantastic VO guy, but Benztown offers creative ways to barter their services without breaking the bank."


Director of Operations , WFUN | WFXJ | WREO | WYBL | WZOO Media One Group – Ashtabula, OH, USA

radio station

"Hey, THANK YOU! So far from what I’ve seen on the site… the sound ROCKS,and you have sooooo many types of elements – LOVE THE VARIETY!"


Imaging Director , Astral Media Radio G.P. 104.9 EZ Rock | 100.3 The Bear | Team 1260 – Edmonton, Canada

radio station

"Benztown Branding is the best imaging service that I’ve encountered!"


Program Director , WFGF-FM – Lima, OH

radio station

"Matt Pinfield is one of the most personable and knowledgeable show hosts out there, and he connects with listeners. Flashback remains one of the best produced shows in radio, and is just getting stronger with Matt Pinfield at the helm."


Program Director , 96.7 KCMQ-FM Real Classic Rock – Columbia, MO

radio station

"I was just putting together some new imaging was thinking about how awesome Benztown has been for me. The Imaging parts and brandings are great and Jamie has been OUTSTANDING as our voice gal! We’re all super satisfied with everything."


APD/On-Air Mornings , The Alternative RXP @ 1039 - KRXP-FM/Colorado Springs, CO

radio station

"Dang….You are a true pro, man. I sent some other voice talent a Whitney Houston line or two, just HOPING they would decide to check, etc…being such a big event, and *crickets chirping* and you send out something without even being asked."


Director of Operations , Tupelo Radio Broadcasting & URBan Radio Broadcasting-Columbus/Starkville/West Point

radio station

"I haven’t been this excited about an Xmas present since I got a Nintendo 64."


Program Director , WXXB-FM B 102-9 – Lafayette, IN

radio station

"This is the worst crap i’ve ever been subjected to – there are people that actually want this? – come on!…….oh, wait – you mean ‘what do I think about Benztown?’ Well, that’s completely different – BEST EVER!!!!! If you’re in a small market like me, this is a Godsend! Thank you so very much for giving us the ability to shine! Fantastic as always! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!"


General Manager , The Valley’s Q96 Radio – Imperial Valley, CA, USA

radio station

"Harry Legg is AWESOME! Great pipes, quick turnaround, and a fantastic sense of humor! He makes our station pop out of the speakers!"


Program Director , WJZQ Hits Radio – Traverse City, MI, USA

radio station

"Your library sounds very SICK!!!! You ROCK at what you do!"


Imagineer , Astral Radio Edmonton – Canada

radio station

"On another note, we’ve received our work from Robin Marshall (WJDQ), Randy Cox (WMSO & WWZD) and Matt Anthony (WVNA-FM)…all absolutely fantastic. All of the stations are sounding great. We’re loving this deal! Wow. Brilliant. Thank you, Austin. As expected…sounds fantastic."


Regional Director of Programming , Urban Radio Broadcasting – Miami, FL, USA

radio station

"Ever since you guys have taken over production of the show, it really sounds great!"


Operations Manager , Clear Channel Radio

radio station

"Hi Andy. Love it, love it, love it!!! Great stuff…the fx, sounds, filters, workparts, beds, etc. are perfect! You really are world class production, and constantly surprise me with your creativity! Hi Andy. Fantastic job again!!! Zt’s been crazy busy, but that’s good because things are really heating up in the syndication side and part of the reason is your show imaging….it’s the best in the world!!!! It energizes me!"


Production Manager , Z103.5 – Halifax, Canada

radio station

"Can I just say ‘Holy Fuck’! you guys are AMAZING!!! the stuff you guys produce is incredible and I love the blog. It really does help when you are having an off day or get stuck in a rut. Truly brilliant stuff! Oh my God!!! I love Benztown , Its truly brilliant and the boys are brilliant producers."


Imaging Director , 98 FM Dublin – Ireland

radio station

"Wanted to take a quick minute to drop you guys a note and tell you THANKS for doing a great job on the KBGO launch! All the imaging is FANTASTIC! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to upgrade the sound of BIG 95 KBGO. We’re going to change out the imaging and launch the new sound this weekend. Great job!!"


Program Manager/Morning show host , BIG 95 KBGO FM | Jazzy 95.7 Smooth Jazz HD2 Clear Channel – Waco/Temple/Killeen, USA

radio station

"Drag and drop at ease and made to please – an aural sensation that takes out the frustration – the right workpart to make that kickstart, and every drop and ID to keep you and your PD… happy."


Image Production Manager , Hit Network – Sydney, Australia

radio station

"Our go-to library for fresh, useable material from top-notch producers and musicians. Never searched for something and came away with nothing!"


Service Broadcasting , Dallas, TX, USA

radio station

"Those promos were exactly what I was looking for! They sounded so awesome and really break through!!! Our weekends have been ON FIRE!!!"


Program Director , Jammin' Z90 / Magic 92.5, San Diego, CA

radio station

"Love the jingle package. It’s bright, upbeat and reflects the contemporary sound of the radio station. Perfect fit!!"


Program Director , KJOY, Cumulus

radio station

"Everything on the site sounds great. It’s a high standard of production and I'm really looking forward to using more."


Production Manager, Australia , Nova 969

radio station

"I just listened to all of the jingles...they sound wonderful! Thank you so much!"


Program Director / Brand Manager , The NEW Warm 94.9 KRMW

radio station

"Thank you for doing a great job. KBGO imaging has never sounded better."


Program Manager / Mornings BIG 95 KBGO , KWTX-AM News Talk 1230 / Real Oldies 95.7 HD2, iHeart Media, Waco, TX

radio station

"Really diggin’ the stuff that comes from Benztown. I’ve really gotten creative with the things you guys are offering. Tell your crew that they do an awesome job!"


Imaging Director / Production / On-Air , WBUZ 102.9 The Buzz / WPRT 102.5 The Game / WQZQ 102.1 The Light, Predators Radio Network

radio station

"The first reaction about our new Benztown package was simply "WOW"! These are excellent jingles! It's simply the best way to describe their work. Thank you, we look forward to working together more!"


Program Director , Europa Plus, Moscow, Russia

radio station

"Bringing you on board for our imaging needs was one of the best decisions we made in 2012. Thank you for all you do!"


Program Director , 100.7 WLEV, Cumulus, Allentown, PA

radio station

"I just spent about 20 minutes with the trial, and am loving what I'm hearing. Looking forward to ignoring my family the next couple of nights and spending time in Benztown!"


General Sales Manager , HOT AC: WZST-FM

radio station

"Dude, are you serious? HOLY CRAP this stuff is absolutely MIND BLOWINGLY AMAZING. It's top notch, gorgeous, melodic, smooth... Hell, I'm singing along... It's INCREDIBLE. The harmonies are perfect...the arrangements are just f'n awesome. How the hell did you do this and who worked on it?? I'm in AWE. Seriously. AMAZING, AMAZING JOB."


Imaging Director , Cumulus New York

radio station

"I can safely say for a lot of the sound guys within the network we really needed it and what Benztown has to offer is great!"


Production Director , NOVA 919, Australia

radio station

"I gotta say, you make it quite easy to find what I need and there is an abundance of stuff! Making my job as a creative director much easier!"


Creative Services Director , WAAF-FM Boston

radio station

"Matt Pinfield is one of the most personable and knowledgeable show hosts out there, and he connects with listeners. Flashback remains one of the best produced shows in radio, and is just getting stronger with Matt Pinfield at the helm."


Program Director , KCMQ

radio station

"Benztown Branding is the best imaging service that I've encountered!"


Program Director , WFGF-FM, Maverick Media, Lima, OH

"I love the pads from benztown.... cool stuff!"


Audio Imaging Producer , SoundFreqz, Pasadena, CI go

radio station

"Glad to have you on the team."


Program Director , Movin 105.7, Anchorage, AK

radio station

"I love getting into work each day and hearing what new stuff you guys have got on the website. Inspiring stuff!"


National Nights Audio Producer , NOVA, Australia

radio station

"You’re absolutely amazing!!! My promos have never sounded better… The way you had fun with the Cirque Du Soleil promo actually made me smile… It’s the little things that catch the listeners' ears and make them notice without distracting them from the overall message. You’re exceeding my expectations! I’m grateful to have you on the team!!!"


Operations Manager & Urban Program Director , Cumulus Baton Rouge

radio station

"Benztown is such pleasure to have on our side. You are such a help to the sound of our station."


Production Unit Leader , Tuks FM (South Africa)

radio station

"Love what you guys do and it makes my life a hell of a lot easier."


On-Air , Cumulus

radio station

"I gotta tell you. I’m THRILLED by the service and the quality work your guys crank out. Best deal I’ve made in years. The stations sound completely different and fresher already! Thanks again!"


General Sales Manager , Foster Communications, Co., Inc. KIXY-FM, KWFR-FM, KCLL-FM, KKSA-AM San Angelo, Texas

radio station

"We are absolutely in love with our Benztown Production library. I want to thank you for excellent customer service."


WHWK Brand Manager , Townsquare Media Binghamton

radio station

"Your stuff sounds KILLERRRRRR! As we say in Hawaii...MAHALO!"


Operations Manager , iHeart Media Honolulu

radio station

"We can’t live without our Benztown."


Operations Manager , Middays WEBE108, Cumulus Bridgeport WEBE,WICC

radio station

"Wow...Could not be more perfect."


VP/Programming , Cumulus

radio station

"Props to Benztown! When you get a 'request' to play a piece of imaging, that says something!"


Director of Programming & Music , Air Personality 3p - 7p Q98 98.1 WQSM | Q98FM.com Cumulus Fayetteville, NC

radio station

"We're just loading up some fresh sweepers for my Top 40, WJBQ. Just wanna say props on the new plug and play stuff that's up there-- ESPECIALLY the one titled "TODAY'S BEST MUSIC HOOKS." Killer prod work by your team."


Program Director , Cumulus Portland, ME

radio station

"I just wanted to tell you guys…you have a f***ing awesome library!"


On-Air Promotion , Radio Ton Germany

radio station

"You guys are so great, thank you. I LOVE BENZTOWN!!"


Program Director , WMIM-FM

radio station

"Amaaaaazing work. You guys are geniuses! I like all the cuts and the treatment. This will blow the competition away. Not too EDMish and just the right sound for an edgy CHR station. Thank you for your greatness! You're the best! Without a shadow of a doubt…"


Head of Production , Magic Nationwide, Manila, Philippines

radio station

"With that first round of VO and imaging, you made us sound 20 years fresher -- and light years younger than the heritage news/talk station in town. There are CHRs in this market that don't have liners and promos that sound like that. "Wow" isn't a big enough word. Thank you a million times over!"


Program Director , WPGG Atlantic City

radio station

"You just made my day! You totally get my vision for KOAS-FM. I am so excited to work with you! The imaging cuts through. I want more! Great work."


Program Director , KOAS-FM

radio station

"Awesomeness. We actually checked out a lot of libraries, Benztown hands down was the best - the only one that "gets it" when it comes to production values."


Creative Services , WKLB, Greater Media Boston

radio station

“CHR is simply a beautiful product. The work parts are great and I love the new platform. Everything is well laid out, with user friendly downloading and play functions Benztown is a great company to work with, they are always quick to respond to any questions I have."


CEO , Energy Groove Radio

radio station

“Slow Jams sounds as "live and local" as it possibly can and it does the best job possible to connect R-Dub! to the local audience.”


APD , Z947 - Leighton Broadcasting

radio station

"Thanks again for the amazing job you guys have been doing for us. Since the reimaging of the station, we have seen a tremendous growth in ratings. This is no coincidence!"



radio station

"Dude, f***in' great production. Keep it like that, and we're golden. LOVE EVERYTHING. BTW, our ratings were stellar… #* **-**w #* **-**w.... thanks in no small part to all your work."


PD , Island 106/Groove 100.1

radio station

"Thanks to Benztown Branding's Jingle Package, production library and affordability; us mom & pop owned stations can still compete on a production giant sound level, in the perpetually fortified imaging game of radio ear candy! Plus, the Benztown staff is always so reachable, prompt & helpful! Thank you for makin it (W-Y) E-Z!"



radio station

"Rhythmic by Benztown is the ideal imaging library for Skyrock because it fits our format to perfection “Urban Music non stop.“ We play Urban tracks in their original, unedited version which makes us the number 1 Urban station in France. The sonic elements and daily updates in Rhythmic are cool and easy to use. The player is awesome for previewing tracks which are then easily downloadable. We especially like the sound effects and workparts because they are innovative and modern and enable our productions to really stand out. The sounds are current and correspond to what is hot today in Urban music. We always find what we need to constantly update our imaging. For example, when Skyrock sponsored the last Kanye West, Beyonce, Eminem and Rihanna concerts in France, we found a ton of imaging tracks that helped us create promos that matched Skyrock’s unique image-unedited and exclusive. Bravo Benztown and thank you to the whole team for your great attitude and collaboration."


Head of Production , Skyrock Paris, France

radio station

"OMG! Your library site was production overload!! The coolest thing I’ve seen by far. Super easy to navigate. Endless amounts of choices. Wow. Just wow."


PD/Air Personality , KCXX-FM

radio station

"So fresh, so clean.....wait, that's a song. I'm VERY happy with this re-image of the station. This is an EXCELLENT package...Thanks for immediate turn around and the pristine ear on the work. This is great Justin. Appreciate it. Gonna kick ass on the air..."


PD , Nash-FM 94-1 WNNF-FM

radio station

"Benztown perfectly answered our expectations with at the same time an original, relevant and modern jingle package!"


PD , HitWest

radio station

"Thanks to you guys for providing such a great product and allowing even a small high school station in rural Indiana to sound like the big boys."


General Manager , WJWS-LP

radio station

"We have been using the CHR library from Benztown for almost two years now for our hit music station on Bonaire and we have been very happy with the results. The brandings make it seem like the artists are really involved with the station. Music promos and sweepers are fresh and blend nicely with the music and our own jingles. And the Benztown people respond quickly to any request we may have. Highly recommended!"


Program Director , Mega Hit FM, Bonaire

radio station

"Benztown has been one of those companies that I have always admired. Since their inception, they have been constantly growing with fresh and innovative ideas and I knew that one day Mr. Master would find a the perfect way to utilize Benztown talents. Representing us to showcase Mr. Master is a perfect fit for us."


President , Mr. Master

radio station

"Thanks for the great production that makes my job so much easier."



radio station

"Man, I’m really loving the selection for commercial production beds, it really makes my job easier and I feel WAY more creative producing spots."


PD , KPWR/Power 106 LA

radio station

"I just wanted to say "thank you" for what you guys do when it comes to imaging the station and the promos that air on KKLZ...it's very much a HUGE part of the success that KKLZ is enjoying right now!"


PD , KKLZ, Las Vegas

radio station

"LOVE LOVE LOVE 'Behind the Song'...just wanted to give you and your team a high-five."


SVP of Operations , Futuri

radio station

"Your teams' work played a very pivotal role in shaping the sound of this station. So I wanted to pass on a massive thank you to you and your team for the outstanding sound design work and cutting edge sound you guys deliver on a daily basis. You guys really make our lives SO MUCH EASIER!"


Production and Technical Manager , Smile 90.4 FM

radio station

"Another amazing year of providing our company with amazing production! I'm more than happy to be affiliated with you guys over there!"



radio station

"I use everything weekly at least, and sometimes a lot more often. I honestly love the ease of the systems!!"


Operations Manager , WCTO-FM

radio station

Your product is outstanding and caters to our exact needs, the production teams are extremely happy with the product you provide which is all we could ask for!! Your product has helped us lift the profiles of our stations and I look forward to a long relationship with Benztown.


QLD Imaging Manager , Grant Broadcasters

radio station

I am delighted with the new Europa Plus package and the morning show. We are at a very high level and without being the typical “proud French man” I can say that to date, Europa Plus has a sound that is most certainly above all that I hear on the radio and not only in Russia .... Oliver Klenk’s work is tremendous, he does a remarkable job with Jean Michel. We share with you the excellent ratings we got, # 1 in Russia, surpassing 12.3 million listeners per day! … That’s a lot of people listening to the "Benztown Touch”.:) !


Program Director , Europa Plus

radio station

"Thank you!! The Hot Mix show is amazing! The whole Wave Crew LOVES IT!!"


Operations Manager , The Wave 92FM

radio station

The team at Benztown did amazing things for my station! Whenever I needed something they were there, even when I would have to make last-minute changes. If you’re interested in having producers at the top of their game producing custom imaging for your station that are willing to work with you until you’re 100% satisfied, give them a call! Honestly, they’re so good, the program director from our competitor actually sent us a compliment on well it was produced.


Program Director , Energy 93.9

radio station

Benztown has elevated the overall sound of KKLZ with their excellent production work! By far, the easiest to work with, always on time and willing to go that extra mile when needed has been a big part of making KKLZ #1 in the Las Vegas market!


Program Director , KKLZ Las Vegas

radio station

Scott and the team at Benztown might as well be in-house employees; their stuff is just that good and always exactly what we’re looking for. Their work always hits the bullseye—never anything generic, and it’s so awesome that they grasp the concept of our station, our target listener and share our vision of what we want our stations to sound like. They help us sound great and make me look good!


Director of Programming , Z90 / Magic 92.5

radio station

I constantly marvel at what good creative judgment you always have, and at how you turn around such excellent creative for us so rapidly. You are consistently NAILING it for us, and I am totally appreciating the above and beyond you are doing.


Production Director , KKGO

radio station

"It was a pleasure to work with Oli and his team at Benztown! They listened carefully to what we wanted, and kindly offered insightful feedback from their own experiences. We felt personally involved through the whole process, and are very glad with the result!"


Program Director , Hit West France

radio station

“I was searching for a very specific sound for the next phase of KQ’s imaging. Keeping a 50-year, legendary Classic Rock station fresh and relevant requires the best in audio branding. KQRS sounds bigger and bolder thanks to the pros at Benztown who delivered what I needed!”


VP Classic Rock / Operations Manager , KQRS-KXXR-WGVX

radio station

The custom imaging team have done a fantastic job with everything. I’m more than happy with everything. Thank you for helping me change the sound of this station to fit the direction. Y’all knocked it out of the park.


Program Director , KLIF-FM – Hot 93.3

radio station

We are simply ecstatic about the work Benztown continues to do for Saga Communications on a group wide level. They have brought a new life and a fresh sound to our entire company. They even created a sonic logo ID for us. Kudos and thanks to the entire, global Benztown team.


Vice President/Programming , Saga