That was 2012 – to a great 2013!

What a year! With thousands of new readers this year and posts from around the world, we managed to offer a great year full of imaging, production, tips and tricks for every kind of like and skill set. We checked through all the posts of 2012 and here are some of the most viewed posts once again at one place:

– Let’s start with the most recent one — the battle of the imaging directors in our Christmas contest. If you want to know, who’s the most interesting imaging director in the world, here you can find it out.

– All the Country heads sure love this post: We met Matt Ganssle, Country imaging talent and he told us how to image the number one radio format in the US. Have a look here.

– Back to more action! Philly based sports imaging expert Brian ‘Sludge’ Haddad shared his work and tricks how to survive in the daily sports madness. Check it out here.

– There can’t be a best-of without Australian imaging ace, David Konsky! Check out his bi-annual mega beatmatching promo with the best hits of 2012 until July!

– Another contest was uniting the best of the best once again from all over the world. The battle for the title of the Iron Imager 2012. Get inspired by the audio and check here who won.

– 2011 was a pretty good year for imaging youngster Gavan Bruderer. 2012, he was back with some Fame FX based imaging plus some settings tips. Click here for more.

– Brionne Olsen represents imaging from South Africa and shares some of his settings and tricks here.

– Introducing the master of sound effects and newest contributor of custom FX for the Benztown librariesJeff Schmidt!

– UK based imaging director Chris Ward shares his AC beatmatching promos – so called ‘mini mashes’

That was 2012, but now it’s time for 2013!

What do you want to see more in 2013? What are your favorites and which posts do you want us to create? Here’s your chance! Use the poll below to tell us what you want.

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Thank you all for the support and to a great 2013!

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