The 2018 Benztown 50 – Radio’s Biggest Imaging Voices Announced!

It is officially out … the 2018 Benztown 50 list of the 50 most heard voices in radio! The Benztown 50 is a compilation of Radio’s Biggest Imaging Voices and it wouldn’t have been possible without enlisting P1 Media Group who compiled and analyzed the hundreds of submissions we received in December (Thanks P1!)

This year we also had a new category, the Iconic Voice Award, which was honored to the prolific voiceover talent, Chris Corley. We are saddened to say that Chris passed away on the day that the Benztown 50 list was announced. He inspired voiceover talents in the radio biz and was loved by many especially by those on the Benztown 50 list.


The Benztown 50 is an opportunity to highlight the voices behind the mic that help create experiences between the listener and radio programming. Congratulations to everyone who made it on the list this year!

2018 Benztown 50 (in alphabetical order):

  • Ann DeWig
  • Austin Keyes
  • Beth Cameron
  • Blaze Berdahl
  • Brian Christopher
  • Brian Lee
  • Chad Erickson
  • Cousin Deke
  • Damon Oaks
  • Dave Foxx
  • Dave Kampel
  • David Kaye
  • Donna Frank
  • Dr. Dave Ferguson
  • George W. Robinson
  • Harry Legg
  • Heather Walters
  • Jake Kaplan
  • Jeff Berlin
  • Jeff Laurence
  • Jen Sweeney
  • Jim Cutler
  • Jim Merkel
  • Joanna Stadwiser
  • Joe Cipriano
  • John Pleisse
  • John Reilly
  • John Willyard
  • Josh Goodman
  • Jude Corbett
  • Jules Riley
  • Kelly Doherty
  • Lisa Keys
  • Lynn Hoffman
  • Malcolm Ryker
  • Melody Sharp
  • Neil Wilson
  • Pat Garrett
  • Pete Gustin
  • Rachel McGrath
  • Rena-Marie Villano
  • Rich Van Slyke
  • Roberta Solomon
  • Scott Fisher
  • Scott Matthews
  • Sean Caldwell
  • Steve Kamer
  • Steve Stone
  • Steve Taylor
  • Wendy K Gray
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