The best Compressor to create a powerful VO….a myth or…

he guys,
for a long time I have not written about personal preferences as I truly believe everybody should have his own way creating the best sound possible and there is no secret recipe to it. But..
the most asked question I get beside: “how does your mastering chain look like” is for sure “what compressor is the best”?
My standard answers to this are for what type of audio material? What goal do you want to achieve in terms of sound?

In this post I want to showcase you some of my favorite compressors to create a punchy and powerful VO and how I work with them. This comparison reaches from old school Renaissannce stuff to UAD and and and..I am sure there is plenty of other was to create a powerful VO and a lot of people use the L1, a channel strip or a plugIn like Nectar or else. Again this is just one way…as an example I use SpeakerToyz (link) VO Doug McAskill (link).


This is and should be no scientific process, it should be more a short overview about the look, sound and feel of the specific compressor. So, I spend about 2-5 minutes which each plugIn and tried to tweak it till I found it sounded reasonable and you can get the characteristics. I did no tweak the output I normalized it later to make it as fair as possible and you not judging the thing by pure loudness as there is certain limitations with some and some have a lot of options /characteristics and you can go really deep with them and enhance the result I am providing. Also what you hear in the video is my personal opinion and taste and it is also heavily related to the VO and like I said to the result you want to achieve! Also there is many other compressors out there..I tried to pick as different ones as possible.

1) Renaissance Compressor

Audio Files von meinem Schreibtisch!

2) Renaissance Axx

3) Fab Filter ProC2

4)H Compressor

5)BF 76

6)UAD Precision Bus Compressor

7)UAD Teletronix LA-2

8)UAD 1176SE Legacy

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