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Hi, it’s Max. One of my jobs during my three year apprenticeship at the benztown studios, is to record and edit the SFX for our Imaging libraries.
Doing this for some years now, I realized that performance is one of the most important factors for creating nice and authentic sound effects. And when it comes to performance, a type of film post production guys are masters in this craft: Foley Artists. Foley is often underestimated and kept behind the scenes, but a small crew of filmmakers now want to change this fact. Lalo Molina and his fellows are shooting a documentary about the people whose job it is to bring films sonically to life.

The guys created a kickstarter campaign and shared their plans, which really looks interesting. There are some books out there which broach Sound Design and Foley, but I think nobody has ever shot a full documentary in this size about the art of Foley.  There are still some days left for reaching the financial goal and I’m excited whether they will make it! I’m sure this will be a rarely seen kind of view on filmmaking.

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