The Echo Freeze Effect – Andre’s Production Diary Part 35

Hi guys, it’s Andre. It’s now my 35th Production Diary, so it’s my 35th week at the Benztown Studios and I’m still learning evergything about radio imaging and production.

We’re always looking for new ways to spice up transitions between songs. A few days ago, Today, I’m showing you another way to create smooth transitions between two tracks with different tempo, without changing the tempo of your tracks.

The Echo Freeze Effect.

The Echo Freeze Effect stops your track and echos out a Delay which will change its tempo to match your second track.

All you need is a Delay which can be synced to the BPM of your track.

Check the video and then try it on your own production

[vimeo 29520551]

If you like that effect and want to add some madness, you should check out GRM Freeze, which is available in the GRM Tools Classic Bundle. I’ve only managed to get my hands on a demo a while ago, but if you’re interested in adding crazy pitch and loop effects, you should definitely try it.

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