The fastest way to cut your VO or The 8-step…

What’s the next step after receiving VO from your talent? Yep, you need to chop and name the files! This ensures good workflow and productivity. So how do you get this step done as fast as possible with a pretty basic trick? Watch the latest benztown tutorial!

Of course this is not the cleanest way to get your VO files cut. But if you need to get it done in light speed, this is your way to go:

  1. Import raw file to a new track
  2. Open Strip Silence window (cmd + u) and adjust settings. Apply.
  3. Mark all regions and press cmd + f. Set fade length to 5ms. Apply.
  4. Consolidate files (cmd + option + 3). This ensures that fades are rendered and normalization is done right.
  5. Normalize. Try to figure out a value which works best for your settings. In this example: 70%. Choose “Create individual files” and “Clip by Clip”. Use your custom shortcut.
  6. Rename files. Use cmd + shift + r and jump to next region by using ctrl + tab. We use shortcodes, name of VO talent and what he or she is saying.
  7. After renaming, use ctrl + alt + shift + tab and mark all regions.
  8. Export files: cmd + shift + k


You see, with some basic tools and shortcuts, it is possible to cut your VO pretty fast!

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