The greatest Voice Over Talents in the world! How to…

Picking the right VO talent is always tough and absolutely subjective to each one of us, but crucial for your on-air branding and station imaging. The rigtht Voice can be key to success and great brand building. Voice Auditions can cause big discussions, but they are always fun to do for me. After years in the business I still love listening to the stars and the upcoming talents interpreting the Call Letters of our clients and then dicsuss back and forth which one sounds best for that spcific project or station and match the crucial criterias of every imaging guy (or at least you should think about those criterias before finally hiring a VO guy). Every one has his own rank here….mine is:

– availability and communcitaion

– audio quality

– turn around time

– flexibility

and at least budget!

Everyone knows my favourite male and female for CHR. Harry and Rachel always nail it, are fast, their delievering quality is just awesome and they are part of the benztown family so I have easily access to them. But, who’ s your favourite Talent and for what format? Feel free to let us know and maybe if they are not already we can make them part of the big benztown voice over crew as well. Check out the guys favourite talent….

Oli’s favourite Talents :

Dave Foxx

Eric Edwards

Jewelz (our latest female talent)

Harry’s favourite Talents:

The late Don LaFontaine

Jewelz Lopez

Adam’s favourite Talent:

Jeff Berlin

Malcolm Ryker

Chris Corley

John Frost

Will Morgan

Steve Stone

Chris Rollins

Rena Marie Villano

Ann Dewig

Kara Edwards


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