THE Jingle INFERNO – Why melody is key!

This is a very personal post and a manifesto for Jingles as I hear more and more often we dont need Jingles, Jingles are old school, jingles are….

I see it totally different! I worked with so many stations in different countries and I can say great Jingles help big times to brand your station and in some markets they are key and a crucial part of the massive success.

Going away from RADIO, think Coke without CANT BEAT THE FEELING, Mentos without Fresh Goes Better and…

As I am sure you just dont want my opinion…plsease do em a favor: Remember 3 songs / tracks / melodies / pieces of music from the times you were young…..NOW!
If not at least 1 is a brand melody / jingle – I LOOSE!!!! Period!

Have a nice weekend!

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