The next STAR in Ozzi Radio – Enter Dan Hunt!

This blog has become a platform for young and aspiring imaging talents and we’re proud to introduce you to Australia’s rising imaging star Dan Hunt. Some of you might know his dad, who was or still is one of the most recognized Imaging guys in Australia. Anyhow, I heard some of Dan’s works and thought I give him a shot and ask how he can create those great work at the age of 21!
Check it out, enjoy the screen caps and OZ rocks baby!

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1. Which production system do you use  and why?

My DAW of choice is Pro Tools mainly because this is the system that I have had the most experience with and it has been the DAW set up every radio station I have worked at. I have also used a few different programs (Sonar, Adobe Audition) but for me Pro Tools seems to be the most user-friendly in terms with shortcuts and where settings are placed. I find that I get a better sound out of Pro Tools too.

2. What are your favorite plugIns (including screenshots)?

A few of my favorite plugIns that I use on a regular basis are:

1.Serato Pitch N Time – for speeding up/slowing down music tracks, effecting voice tracks and for just simply pitching up/down a piece of audio.

2. Sci-Fi – I use this for effecting voice tracks whether it be a thinned out voice or one that sits out in the mix you can get many different crazy effects out of this plugIn.

3. MetaFlanger – I mainly use this for effecting voice tracks but also occasionally use it on a music track going from one song grab into another and it also can create a nice sound on a reverse reverb on music/voice tracks.

The main plugIns I use for my master channels are the C4 Multiband Compressor, Q10 Eq and L1 Ultramaximizer.

3. How do you schedule your work (priorities…..)?

I have a diary that I write in daily all the work I need to do that day or week and then tick off the list as I go along. I also try to get all the small stuff out of the way, first (credits/stagers) and then do the big tactic packages last so I can spend the most time on them but this of course depends on what deadlines I have to work with.

4. What do you love about being the head of production @ Nova919?

The thing, I love most about being the production manager at Nova919 is getting the opportunity to work on major tactics whether it be a 50k giveaway, sending listeners overseas or promoting a concert tour.

5. What is the best Pro Tools or production trick anybody should know?

To me the best Pro Tools trick on a time saver basis is to create shortcuts for your AudioSuite plugins. I use to find myself always using certain AudioSuite plugins and would spend so much time going through the drop down lists at the top of screen so to me this is the best time saver trick. To find out how to set up the shortcuts click on this link and watch the video:

A trick in terms of sound that I like to use for making a certain part of the VO stand out is to duplicate the VO that you want to stand out and then drop on a thinned out track below, pan it left and right quickly, put a bit of flanger on the thinned out voice and then drop the thinned out track to around -10 db.

6. How do you get inspired and what do you use as source of creativity?

There are many outlets that inspire me, but main ones I look to and get ideas from are movie trailers, music and listening to other producers work.

7. Who were your radio production idols, who influenced your work as a  producer?

The producers, that I have looked up to most and still do is my father Steve Hunt, Matt Dower, Michael Anderson, Daniel Pearson, David Konsky, Brendan Tacey, Jeff Nielsen, Matt Nikolic and Ben Ryan.

I know you’re probably thinking that this is a lot, but all have always helped when I needed mentoring and when listening to these guys’ work, it inspires me so much.

8. What have been the key advices of your dad before you went into radio business?

Advice that my father passed onto me, when I first got into radio was more so how I should approach situations, what attitude to have, how to make myself known to production managers and whenever I receive feedback on my work to always take it on board and showcase it the next time I sent off my work.

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