The night, I slept in the studio and how to…

It’s monday morning and you’re totally motivated to create the best imaging in the world.

Now, it’s friday night and you’re still sitting in the office or in the studio, because you’re snowed under a load of work.

I guess, we all have these moments, even I had one already. In my case, it took me so long to finish my stuff, that I missed the last train home, so I had to sleep in the studio.

To avoid sleeping on the hard studio floor again, I started scheduling my work. It sounds simple (and it really is), but it prevents you from working all night to have the stuff for the week done.

For those who are saying, real creativity cannot be contained in time schedules, WAKE UP! There’s always a dead-line.

No matter if you’re a youngster in imaging or if you’re imaging several stations at one time. If you’re scheduling on monday, you’ll be thankful on friday.

So here are some basic tricks in right time scheduling.

1. Create routines: If you have to create the same elements every week, it’s wise to do it in routines, means monday: element 1, tuesday: element 2, and so on… So you always know what to do and when you have to do it and this will create a better workflow.

2. Assign Priorities: Especially when other’s work depends on your work, you have to assign priorities. Here’s an example: What’s more important? Cutting all the VO  and preparing all the Brandings for the week or producing some Stagers, which are needed friday? You see, it’s an easy question. Maybe you might want to create a schedule with your colleagues, so nobody looses time, while waiting till the others are done.

3. Write down everything: Every little idea is worth to be written down, even if you don’t need it at the moment. You never know, when you might need this one idea. Most of my ideas (especially for this blog) develop when I’m not at work, so get used to write down ideas everytime you have them.

4. Don’t get lost in details: Of course you have to do your work well, but don’t spend hours on little details, nobody ever would notice. Start getting a feeling for when you’re done. If you’re not shure, try to get some distance from your element. Go out and do something else, then come back and listen again to your element. With more routine, you’ll hear, when you’re done. Better stop when you think it sounds good, before you loose all your time and screw it up in the end.

Everyone of us has his own ways to deal with all the work. Time scheduling is my way to deal with it. What’s your way? Do you have any systems or routines? Or are you just deciding in the heart of moment? Would love to share some of your techniques and tricks. Just comment of write an email to [email protected]



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