The return of Andre’s Production Diary

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

For the newer guys on this blog, let me introduce myself:

Back in 2010, I entered the Xmas contest on this blog. The guys at Benztown liked what I was doing and after a few chats, I finally got my chance to play with the big ones in the scene of radio imaging. They taught me everything, I know now about imaging, production, station imaging strategies and much more.

Now, I’m assistant producer at Benztown and also working at Radio ENERGY in Germany.

To share my experiences, we created the category ‘Production Diary’, where you can read my full story.

Now, this story is going to continue. 

After getting a lot more focussed into more musical work parts and my work at ENERGY, it’s time to bring back this category. I’m going share more of my stories and experiences with radio and production and here’s the coolest part: I’m not doing this only by myself anymore.

I will be supported by another youngster, sharing his stories and experiences with us all on this blog.

I can’t wait to start the next issue.

Stay tuned for more…

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