THE X or How to create a high impact Sound…

Bring IT baby! Tony Horton is Mister Fitness and now exclusive to the radio presented by Benztown Radio Networks. Tony is the trainer of the stars and he is influencing an entire nation to get healthy and fit. Even the President of benztown Dave “Chachi” Denes is a massive Fan and follows Tony’s instructions every day by starting his day with the legendary P90X program. Since he started a few weeks ago he lost around 10 pounds and develops into a muscle packed warrior 😉

P90x works and Tony is the rockstar of the Fitness Industry with more than half a billion in sales. The “Bring It Minute” is the only radio feature connecting listeners and advertisers through fitness and health content improving lifestyle on a daily basis.

His demo needed to be energetic, hot and high speed – it needed to sound like Tony and THE X! My buddy Justin Case did an amazing job on it. Enjoy Bruno Mars sing about P90X….

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”″]

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