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After an unbelievable year it was time to give something back, so we created THE BENZTOWN Xmas Contest 2011 with unbelievable prizes: A skype Q & A with imaging legend David Konsky,  Adobe Audition and PPM strategy expert Mike Santos,  composing with Oli from Benztown, an unbelievable Imaging FX package for free, a copy of BrainDead Creative, your personal guide through the radio world and your own blog post, where you can share your skills and audio – I promote you to thousands!

Every contestant sent in his best piece of the year. We wanted to give the young guns a chance. Check the selected audio files below and vote for your favorite.

1. Ian Mc Loughlin: Ian from Ireland sent in this Beatmatched element. He sure learned the Adobe Audition beatmixing skills from his mentor Paul Duffy

[soundcloud url=”″]

2. Phil Manzor: Phil sent in this top 100 tracks of 2011 promo, he did for his station SPIN South West

3. Brionne Olsen: Brionne created this piece for his station Jacaranda 74.2

[soundcloud url=”″]

4. Adam Venton: It’s getting scary! Adam sent in this Trick Or Treat feature he created for UKRD Group

[soundcloud url=”″]

5. Andrew Choiniere: Andrew might be no stranger to our readers. Here’s his promo.

[soundcloud url=”″]

6. Anthony Pena: Anthony sent this piece right from the Dominican Republic.

[soundcloud url=”″]

7. Eban Sylvain Dusart: Eban created this stunning branding for his station and he’s sharing it with us.

8. Gavan Bruderer: Multi DAW user and young aspiring imaging talent Gavan sent us this piece.

[soundcloud url=”″]

Now it’s YOUR choice! Choose your favorite in the poll below. You have time until Friday, December 23rd, Midnight PST. Share it with your friends and get as much vote for you and your piece.

[polldaddy poll=5778580]

Thanks to all our contestants and good luck.

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