Too many tools at once? – How many DAWs are…


Hey guys, it’s Andre.

The big audio software companies recently presented the latest versions of the most popular DAWs. Pro Tools 11, Logic Pro X, Cubase 7, Studio One 2, Ableton Live 9 – plenty of tools to mess around with.

With all these various DAWs with their own features and functions, I always get the feeling of missing out something when I prefer one DAW over another.

Learning a new DAW always means investing time and money and changing your workflow to the new functions and features. Is it really effective to have various DAWs and always switching around various programs and audio and session formats during your work? Isn’t it more effective to have one good DAW, you’re perfectly handling than using three DAWs all with less knowledge about each and every program? How many DAWs do you use and do more DAWs make you a better producer?

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