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Hi guys, it’s Andre.

It’s time for another issue of my production diary and I’m still learning everything about radio imaging and production from the Benztown Crew.

Every producer has his own preferences in working with Pro Tools and also the included tool bar. Today I’m going to show you how to create clarity in your tool bar and increase your workflow by customizing it for your own needs.

Click the arrow in the upper corner on the right to enable and disable certain elements of your tool bar. (click the images for full size)

In the pop up menu you can choose which elements will be visible and which not.

Click to see how to customize your tool bar any further.

By using the grabber tool (F8) and holding down ⌘, you can drag and drop single elements of your tool bar and create your own order. Below’s an example.

And now, I’m using the grabber tool while holding down ⌘ to move the single elements.

Of course, you can do the same with the tool bar in the MIDI Editor.

Another version of the tool bar is the transport window, which can be enabled  and disabled by holding ⌘ and pressing 1 on the numeric keyboard. By clicking on the arrow in the right corner of the transport window, you can change the look just like the main tool bar in the upper part.

Click on view in the Pro Tools menu to see more options to change and improve the look of your DAW to make it perfectly fit your needs.

Cheers and have a nice weekend.

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