Use them all! Modify region boundaries or basic SHORTCUTS you…

One thing is sure: the more shortcuts you know, the faster you get. I’m sure you already hit accidentally some shortcuts in Pro Tools, but did not continue to use them.  So I want you to keep attention to shortcuts you don’t use often, as this will help you to create a faster workflow.
Here are 5 basic shortcuts to modify audio regions with a single button.

  • “a” – Trim region start to cursor
  •  “s” – Trim region end to cursor
  • “d” – Fade in from region start to cursor
  • “g” – Fade out from region end to cursor
  • “f” – Creates preset fade through marked area

Using these one-knob shortcuts will definitely save you time, as you can do stuff with a single button, rather than doing the same thing with three separate clicks. This comes in handy when cutting single words for example. You might already know them, but try to implement them to your workflow if you have not yet.



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