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Today’s world has no boundaries anymore. Everyone is connected and there’s nothing you can’t find online. Radio has to accede that development, too. There’s almost no radio station, which doesn’t offer a live stream and additional music programs on it’s website. What does this mean for you? Take your favourite station with you everywhere, check the Imaging of every collegue around the globe, no matter if you are on the road, at home or on your way to work. Apps is the magic word – iphone, android or windows phone….

Raul inspired us to create a post on that topic, when he was sending us an email, in which he mentioned a radio app:

“This email is to make you know (if you don’t already know) about the existance of app Tune in Radio for smartphones. Its reeeeally interesting as you can hear a ton of radios around the world… it doesn’t matter if you’ve got Android, iPhone or any other… it really rocks!” 

In this episode of Useful Links, we concentrate on several Radio Apps, which enable you to listen to the best radio stations in the world. What are you waiting for?

TuneIn Radio App

One of the most popular radio apps.

Listen to thousands of radio stations, which can be browsed by keywords, genre or location. Search through all the available stations by the artists they play and save them as presets. Record, pause and rewind live streams.

Internet Radio Box

Listen to thousands of stations from RadioDeck and Shoutcast Radio. Find your favorite station via keywords, location, genre, name and description.

See the current tracklist on your mobile device and buy the song directly via iTunes. Record and store your favorites online or offline. The built in browser enables you to visit the station’s website or to follow them on Twitter.


The popular radio app by Clear Channel Broadcasting.

Get over 750 of America’s most popular stations  in Apple’s high quality AAC format and purchase the played songs on iTunes. Get shows like AT40 with Ryan Seacrest, Slow Jams and some of the most popular talk shows like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and many more. offers you personalised stations according to the artists and genres you like. Get music recommendations based on the music, you’re listening to. is no traditional radio app. It offers endless combinations of a possible radio program for you. You can literally become your own PD with

This is just small selection. Open your App Store and enter ‘radio’. You’ll find an endless range of great radio apps, we just don’t have the time to test them all 😉

Do you have a favorite radio app? What apps should a radio imaging guy have. What do you think about services like Is this the future of portable radio? Write us your suggestions as comment or directly via email to  [email protected]

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