Useful Links: The best ProTools tutorial videos ever……

YOU want more videos! You get it!

How can you improve your workflow in a few minutes? How can you learn from the industry leading imaging directors and production legends?

Just watch the videos below and learn stunning new features, awesome production tricks, get inspired and safe resources by checking out the 3 most inspiring ProTools tutorial videos, I watched on the web in the last weeks.. More new videos from Oli, Ryan and me coming shortly.

1.Matt Bauer about defining your own ProTools shortcuts :


2. Here’s a video from Graham, I found on the Avid Community site (by the way, a great place for connecting with other producers). Graham shows you how to use elastic pitch in Pro Tools to tweak vocals.


3. My Brendan Tacey’s all time favourite….massive New Years Countdown Sweeper! Check out theprodguy Classics:


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