VO SUPERSTAR Joe Cipriano answers YOUR questions!


Our buddies @ benztownvoiceover.wordpress.com did it again! They managed to get the legendary Joe Cipriano for an interview and YOU are going to be part of it!

Ask Joe Cipriano, one of the most successful Voice Over Artists of all times, about his secrets, his tricks and discover how he made it! All you have to do:

Send a mail to [email protected] with your thoughts and questions or just enter a comment below this post. This is your chance to ask him anything you ever wanted about voice-over, production, networking, broadcasting or anything  else.

About Joe Cipriano:

Most of you US located guys might know him as the voice of the FOX-TV network, but Joe’s pretty been around. Live announcer of the 57th, 59th and 60th annual Grammy awards, one of the signature voices of CBS and NBC, producer and host of various internationally syndicated radio shows and even acting in Hollywood movies. Check his full bio here.

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