Voice Over Trends of 2012

As time goes on, technology within the industries we work and live in evolve and change dramatically. Of course this also applies to the fields of voice-over and production. It is absolutely vital to keep up with the current trends if you want to be successful in this business.

Below is an article that clearly outlines these current trends of 2012 – as we are half way through the year this is will be a very helpful source for all of you (beginners and experts!) to see on a global scale how the industry is moving forward. The article discusses aspects such as the growing importance of social networking, leading Apple products, the convenience of online e-help, effective home studios and more! If you want to obtain that extra edge in your career, you are strongly encouraged to have a read and apply it to your specific needs!

12 Voice-Over Trends for 2012 [Click to view]
[Written by David Ciccarelli, CEO of www.voices.com]

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