Want to change your NAME? 3 Tools to do BATCH…

Naming files is essential to keep track of them and stay organized. It gets even more important when actually creating content and files. In our case this could be cutting VO and naming them.

This means to work like an assembly line. But there are tools to automate this step. For example if you accidentally normalized files after renaming, Pro Tools adds ugly indexes. To remove this kind of codes, renaming tools are perfect to do that.

Here is are three picks of batch renaming tools.


1. A Better Finder Rename ($19.95)

A Better Finder Renamer gives a solid overview about all details you need to know about each action. It really gives you great control about all possible options.


2. Name Changer (free, donation)

This one is a basic tool with a simple overview of possible options and you immediately see how the options changes the file’s name. But what disturbed me, was the fact that the app removed file extensions. Maybe there’s an option to bypass this problem, but it appeared by default. Beside that: it’s available for free!


3. Name Mangler ($19)

This one is my favorite. It’s simple design, but powerful ways to manipulate names is just great! The price is okay and if you consider which time you save with this tool, it’s even worth it. The tool itself is pretty organized and clean, but gives you a lot of ways to rename files. And for complex renaming applications, you can even add various steps. It is also possible to change metadata parameters! Nice!




Batch renaming helps in various situations! So just pick one of these tools and save time !



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