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The mission of this blog is to use the extensive resources at Benztown Voice-Over Group’s disposal to provide a forum for readers who are interested in starting, building or learning about careers as a radio voice-over artist.  Whether you’re a newcomer to the voice-over business, a legendary VO artist or a radio DJ, this blog will help you save time & improve your skills….enhancing the overall quality of your work.

Information will be delivered via video tutorials, pictures, posts, graphics, interviews, etc….it is about collaboration – spreading ideas, sharing tips, inspiring creativity.

We’ll discuss things like:

  • the right gear
  • effective VO demo’s
  • networking
  • marketing
  • building a VO booth
  • scheduling/prioritizing jobs
  • new plugins
  • processing tricks
  • weird stories
  • a day in the life

This blog is about talent helping talent. We encourage reader contributions, content suggestions, questions, demo submissions and anything you can think of that might be of value to your fellow radio VO artists.

Thank you so much for being a part of this community. Please click here to subscribe! Any questions can be e-mailed to blog@benztown.com.

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