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Hey Rob! We’re glad you’re so busy these days but we miss ya. Fill us in on what’s new! Besides my day to day voice over work, I have been working with an old friend, Brian Vollmer lead singer of Canadian rock band “Helix”. We’re creating a documentary on the band. We’ve completed one day of shooting and are currently going through hours and hours of vintage footage from years gone by. Helix originally formed in 1974….so just imagine the fun we’ve had reviewing the old videos. Haven’t had this much fun since the days I used to party with the band while in radio!

That sounds awesome, we can’t wait to see that. What else has been up? I signed on for another year with Sirius XM radio! I’m the official voice of Channel 167 / “Canada Talks” – Keeping Canadians connected!

Congrats on your year renewal. How are you celebrating?! Carmela (my better half) and I purchased a new vehicle this year. The Ford Escape. I’m really enjoying the technology that new vehicles provide these days. If I’m not in my home studio voicing stuff, I’m probably out this summer cruising the streets of Stratford, Ontario Canada! (Carmela is already hinting that, I should set up my mobile audio gear in the car…..and I’m ok with that!)

Looking back, what comes to mind? On a personal note, the radio station where I cut my teeth at a young age goes off the air this August. 1240 CJCS is our local station in Stratford. After 87 years on the air, CJCS AM will go dark and the new “Juice FM” hit’s the airwaves at 107.1FM on August 3rd, 2017. I have many good memories as a kid at 1240 CJCS!

Looking forward, what are you excited about? This year I’ve welcomed many new clients to my voice over services and I hope to get added on more before the end of 2017. Rock radio is my specialty! Give my demos a listen!


Website: http://robwreford.com/

Benztown: https://www.benztown.com/brigade/rob-wreford

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