YOU FM and being benztown’s trainee pays off, eventually, maybe,…


Guys, I bet some of you remember Fabi. Fabi used to work with me here in Stuttgart. He started as a volunteer in 2008 and then became the first official benztown trainee. In his last year at benztown he was imaging, producing and overseeing benztown Rock, Avalanche and various other stuff. Then this Imaging Wizard got hired to become the new head of On-Air Design at YOU FM in Frankfurt. He is there for almost 3 years now and I am proud as hell. When I met Fabi the last time I took the chance to talk with him about what has changed personally (sorry girls, he has a new girlfriend) and of course work wise. He also gave me a great picture about what the guys are doing at one of Europe’s most forward thinking young radio programs. Enter Fabi!

Fabi, please describe your job.
My job at YOU FM is to conceive and develop the station’s sound. I am creating concepts for Promos, Layout, Power Intros, etc. and I  decide which audio goes on air and which not.
I’m working with a really good team, what is really important for new ideas and inspiration.

What has changed for you personally since you left benztown in 2012?
There were a lot of changes. Moving to Frankfurt meant to leave friends and family. Also, my way of thinking changed in terms of creating content for our customers. At YOU FM it is more important to clarify what our listeners want to hear or not. At benztown it was more about thinking what kind of imaging radio station all over the world want to air and needed.

How different is your new role from your old gig?
Now I’m working for only one station (one format) and I focus all my ideas and knowledge on YOU FM. The strategy is designed for a specific audience. I’m not the production guy any more – my job is rather thinking about how YOU FM has to sound generally, how the Station Voice has to sound and how Imaging and Layout have to sound as well.

What did you change when you started to work at YOU FM?
Almost everything. When I started to work at YOU FM, the station was about to do a relaunch. We had to create a complete new concept for the Layouts, thats’s why I changed the Station Voice and the overall feeling of our Layout and Trailers.

How does your Imaging for YOU FM sound?
At the moment we sound like an AC station only in cool. We use soft musicbeds with state of the art sounds, while the feeling of our Station Voice is natural and simpatico.

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What is the focus? Techniques, ideas?
We do not shout at our listeners, we want to take them with us having a good mood. That’s our focus.

What is your advice for youngsters?
My advice is that you should try to implement everything, even if it seems to be impossible. You will see that almost everything is possible.

Who was your worst boss :)?
Don’t have to answer that now !

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