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My buddy Neil, who is a great Voice Actor and imaging director for CC handling 8 stations didn’t mean it like that, when he sent through his idea for a blog post, but I do 🙂 and because I am the one creating this post I wanted a controversy headline to make you think about the fact of good copy writing. (There is a lot of great imaging guys out there and I bet you know some of them by names, but how many excellent copy writer for radio do you know).

Check out Neil’s inspiring post:

It all starts with some good words…
Let me start this blog entry by saying this is matter of opinion.  But, after a good decade of creating imaging and stationality for radio, it’s a pretty fair and just opinion… and it’s my opinion, so it can’t totally be wrong.

What makes great production great?  Honestly, it’s…. The writing!
Think about it… TV shows spend millions on TEAMS of writers.  And how much did TV suck when the writers went on strike?  I mean Conan made a “bit” out of spinning his wedding ring on a table.  The writing makes all difference.
Now, let me say, I’m the first to marvel at how great someone’s prod skills are.  But, when is the last time you heard someone say “that was so well written.”?
And what is being said is the most important part of any piece of stationality we produce.  But, it seems in today’s radio world of “less is more”, we are missing that completely.  I’ve yet to meet a PD who can write (although I’m sure there some..), more or less a jock, promo director, or OM.  It’s a want it now world… and in order to get it now… PD’s throw some sales driven words on a word document and fire it off to the VO guy.  Oh, but lets put a programming spin on it.  Listen at 8,12 noon, and 4 to win… done!
Think about it… how much time is really spent on the writing?  Do you write it yourself?  Does someone else write it and then copy you on the email that was sent to the VO guy?
I’m afraid I’m victim of all of these… as the imaging director for 8 stations in a 2 market region, voice of 17 and producer of about 5 more… it’s all about efficiency.  But let’s all take some time… and create.  After all, it’s what we got into this business for… to create.

Please share your copy ideas with us as a comment to this post or send them to

Oh, and shameless plug… I’m available for VO… ask me about that too.

Check out some of Neil’s examples for good copy writing and production.

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